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Tax Filing For Ontario Real Estate Corporations

Tax filing a dreaded task all corporations have to do yearly. Every year all corporations and businesses must file their taxes or face an audit. Let’s delve into tax filings for Ontario real estate corporations.   What is Tax Filing? You can file your taxes online by logging into a website known as Iris. Iris … Read More

Virtual Tax Filing in Mississauga

Due to the existing situation and the pandemic, virtual tax filing was necessary by the Mississauga authorities. Before that, many businesses are online or do business exclusively online. Although this is perfect for revenue and income, several tax problems were raised. Tax filing for e-commerce businesses, tax filing for Shopify, and amazon stores were necessary … Read More

Changes to Tax Season 2020

  Digital subscription   $500.   CPP limit   $61,600 limit.   CPP amount   $1,203.75/month Maximum if retire at age 65 in 2021. Child tax Benefit   CCB base benefit, child under 6:               $6,765 (2020-21)    $6,833 (2021-22). CCB base benefit, child aged six to 17:     $5,708 (2020-21)    $5,765 (2021-22). Old … Read More

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