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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • DO I need to bring all my tax documents to our initial meeting?

HPC: It would be helpful, the sooner we get the full information the quicker we can prepare and file the returns.  Although you can always email my office the documents missing.  Keep in mind the sooner your return is filed the sooner you get a response from CRA and also if you are eligible for refund, the refund comes quicker as well.


  • What is the type of payment methods required by your firm?

HPC: We accept all types of payments including Credit cards, cheque, cash or email transfer.  Best option is e-transfer as the payment comes through securely, fast and easily.


  • What are your hours of operation?

HPC: We usually work from 9-5 but can arrange time after 5pm if suitable.


  • Due to pandemic, what are the precautions taken for prevention of the spread of the virus?

HPC:  Our office is trying to limit the contact and is hoping we can arrange the time through email.  We have hand sanitizers at our office and would recommend using it upon arrival.  Do note if coming to the office please ensure that an appointment has been confirmed.  We encourage to follow the guidelines of the provincial health department and ensure you are wearing a mask at all time.


  • Where is your office location?

HPC: Main intersection is Hurontario St (Hwy 10) and Britannia, just south of 401.


  • Does your office have handicap accessibility?

HPC: Do note our office is on the ground floor and there does not need of any elevator or stairs to get access to.  The front door can easily be opened to have an easier entrance into the office.  Parking space is few steps away from the office entrance.


  • Does your fees change from year to year?

HPC: Yes our fees could change from year to year but we are up for discussion.  Please note fees all depends on the complexity and the length of work required.


  • How long does it take for your firm to complete our account?

HPC: Depending on the complexity of the work involved, when you give us full information and how busy we are with other deadlines, the account could take anywhere from one (1) week to four weeks to complete.  Suggestion is to have everything ready and sent to us, drop off at our office so we could complete the account in a timely manner.

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315 Traders Boulevard East, Unit #4
Mississauga, ON L4Z 3E4

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